Capital Ankara
Time Zone EET (GMT+2)
Country Code 90
Mobile Codes 532,533,542,505
ccTLD .tr
Currency Turkish Lira (1EUR = 1.95TL)
Land Area 783,562 sq km
Population 72.6 million
Language Turkish
Major Religion Islam Author Publishes New Book on European Energy Security and Turkey

( Press Release)  Palgrave Macmillan has published an important new monograph on energy security in Europe, with particular reference to Turkey’s role, written by Turkey editor Mehmet Efe Biresselioğlu, also a vice-dean at the Izmir University of Economics.

According to a publisher’s description the new book, European Energy Security: Turkey’s Future Role and Impact, “identifies the EU’s main energy security challenges and looks at Turkey’s possible role in this policy area. By investigating the role of Turkey as a westward transit hub for hydrocarbons from the Greater Caspian region, Middle East and North Africa, Biresselioglu explores European and Turkish energy profiles.

In doing so he looks at the connection between geopolitics and energy security; the relationship between oil and natural gas resources and geography; the importance of the concept of energy security and the role of energy in foreign policy and international relations. Accordingly, the aim of the book is to determine what the challenges are to the future of Europe’s energy security.”

About the author

Based at the Izmir University of Economics in Turkey, Dr Biresselioğlu holds the positions of Vice Dean in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Assistant Professor in the Department of International Relations and the EU. He is also a board member at the Turkish Energy and Climate Change Foundation (ENIVA).

Dr Biresselioğlu’s research interests include geopolitics, energy security and sustainable energy, geo-strategic issues with a geographic focus on Turkey, Russia, the Greater Caspian area, the Middle East and also with Turkey’s relations with the EU and US. His articles for in the past months include Turkey’s Transforming Relations with the Arab World: the Impact of Recent High-Level Turkish Visits to the Gulf Region and Changing Dynamics in the Turkey-Iran Relationship.

Chapter structure: European Energy Security: Turkey’s Future Role and Impact

Geopolitics and Energy Security: The Inevitable Connection
Energy Security in the European Union: Challenges and Perspectives
Greater Caspian Sea Area: A Major Alternative for European Energy Security?
Turkish Foreign and Energy Policy after the Cold War
Turkey’s Role in European Energy Security


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