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Overview of Services provides three types of content and services.

1.) Publicly accessible website content: this includes everything you will find on the website and comprises analyses, interviews, briefings and country and organizational data. The Twitter feed is also within this content class.

2). Purchasable archive articles & ebooks: this includes hundreds or articles that are otherwise not available, and that can be found on our Central and Eastern Europe Online Library (CEEOL) listing (located under the Periodicals- ‘Macedonia’ country section). This content class includes our ebooks on Amazon Kindle.

3). Private Reports (commissioned reports tailor-made for individual clients). These reports are highly individual, and highly specific, and when required complete exclusivity of information is provided. (Reports such as sector analyses, industry trends and risk forecasts, may be more general and available to multiple purchasers).

Pricing for such texts thus takes into account standard variables including research time and effort required, exclusivity of information, and so on.

In general, the topics we cover include:

  • regional security, defense and intelligence trends and developments;
  • economic topics, including investment-related issues and corporate due diligence reports;
  • political and diplomatic forecasting and analysis;
  • social, religious and cultural studies.

Parties interested in commissioning private reports should contact us by email, with the specific request and desired date of receipt. We will then assess, within five working days or less, the feasibility of the project and projected cost, as applicable.

All requests will be honored as strictly confidential and not shared with third parties.

Finally, outside publishers should note that the unauthorized reproduction of our content is not allowed. Those wishing to enter a content licensing agreement should contact us.

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