Capital Podgorica
Time Zone CET (GMT+1)
Country Code 382
Mobile Codes 67,68,69
ccTLD .me
Currency Euro
Land Area 13,812 sq km
Population 672,000
Language Montenegrin
Major Religions Orthodox Christianity, Islam

Key Data

Notable Public Figures

Filip Vujanović, President

Duško Marković, Prime Minister

Milutin Simović, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Policy and Financial System

Srđan Darmanović, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Osman Nurković, Transport & Maritime Affairs Minister

Mevludin Nuhodžić, Minister of the Interior

Zoran Pažin, Justice Minister

Darko Radunović, Minister of Finance

Pavle Radulović, Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism

Predrag Bošković, Defence Minister

Brands & Distinctions

Sea and Mountain tourism, including canyoning; Water polo; poetic epics

Major Industries

Tourism, aluminum and steel production,  agriculture, construction

Key Trade Partners

Germany, Serbia, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Bosnia, Greece

Main Airports

Podgorica, Tivat