Capital Prishtina
Time Zone CET (GMT+1)
Country Code 377 (Monaco); 381 (Serbia)
Mobile Codes 44
Currency Euro
Land Area 10,908 sq km
Population 1.8 million
Language Albanian, Serbian, Turkish
Major Religions Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholicism

Book Review of Catholic Kosovo: a Visitor’s Guide

March 28, 2016

Catholic Kosovo: A Visitor’s Guide to Her People, Churches, Historical Sites, and Her 1,900 Year Journey Available in paperback format or in e-book format). By Marilyn Kott Reviewed by Chris Deliso This very useful and illustrated book, published in November 2015, represents the most comprehensive guide (in English, at least) on all historical and modern […]

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European Security, Intelligence and Migration: Interview with Philip Ingram

February 26, 2016

In this exclusive interview, Director Chris Deliso gets the insights and security assessments of former British military intelligence officer Philip Ingram, MBE. A 27-year veteran of the UK Army Intelligence Corps, Ingram worked in hostile environments including Iraq, Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Kosovo, where he was involved with intelligence and liaison during and after […]

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