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Information for Potential Partners and Contributors

We are always happy to hear from (I) prospective new writers/researchers, and (II) representatives of institutions, companies or other entities with relevant ideas for cooperation. In a volatile and continually changing media landscape, continues to maintain its core interests, independent orientation and values, and this says a lot about our people.

General Qualifications for Researchers and Writers

Be a genuinely kind, open-minded, objective and trustworthy person. These are fundamental requirements.

The ability to communicate and write fluently in English is necessary, and knowledge of regional and other languages is desirable. A good working knowledge of at least some of the topics and countries covered by the website is of course necessary.

It is not, however, necessary to be based in the region to contribute; in fact, if you can contribute something new relating to the target region from anywhere else in the world, this can also add tremendous value.

Those wishing to contribute should also prioritize objective coverage rather than personal opinion. It is good to have strong instincts and intercultural understanding.

Contributors should have a forward-looking mindset, and take a unique and creative approach to evaluating topics and situations.

Types of Compensation and Added Value

Aspiring contributors should also have a long-term strategy for their careers. Those looking for short-term gain will be disappointed to hear that we do not pay contributors for writing publicly visible articles. However, contributors are of course compensated when contributing research or writing to private reports for our clients. Authors who participate in our ebook series’ can also look forward to making royalties in that way.

Many contributors have found that the best measure of compensation is only visible in the long-term view. Contributors are entitled to a personal author page, which allows more publicity and a focus on their work among readers. Also, our writers have historically gained greater exposure for their work than otherwise might be the case, thanks to our high-level readership from the public and private sectors.

Indeed, those contributing to this website have for many years had their work read and appreciated by this audience. The rewards have included everything from scholarships, internships, jobs in big media, NGOs and government, media appearances and invitations to speak at important events, and so on and so forth.

If such kinds of rewards sound appealing, and if you feel you have the necessary qualifications, feel free to email us a CV and short list of topics or areas of expertise in which you would like to contribute.

II. Representatives of institutions, companies or other entities: is happy to hear from persons or groups who are interested in commissioning our expertise; this may include written reports, consulting or booking presentations from our experts, or participation in or co-sponsorship of events. provides insightful coverage on most sectors of interest, and can prepare highly specific reports upon request; see our Overview of Services page for more information.

Second, representatives of a company or institution wishing to arrange a complementary briefing or interview with one or more of our experts should also contact us; see the Balkanalysis Briefings and Balkanalysis Interviews pages to understand the inherent benefits.


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