Energy Sector

Regional Energy Indicators:
Electricity Generation (TWh) 440.7
Electricity Consumption (TWh) 411.3

Energy Consumption per Capita (kgoe/cap) 1786
Energy Import Dependence (%) 61%
CO2 Emissions per Capita (kg CO2/cap) 5231
Note: kgoe – kg oil equivalent

Cyprus Looks to Rebuild Economy with Ambitious Energy Sector Investments

October 15, 2014 Editor’s note: with all eyes presently on the disintegrating Middle East and the rampage of Islamic fundamentalists across Syria and Iraq, few have been focusing on developments happening in the relative tranquility of a country just offshore from the chaos- the Republic Cyprus. This comprehensive article details the country’s plans to rebuild its damaged […]

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The Energy Community and the Balkans: Interview with Mr Slavtcho Neykov

December 13, 2011 Editor’s Note: The Energy Community Treaty was initiated by the European Union and entered into force in 2006 with the objective of supporting the countries that are EU candidates and potential candidates to implement the EU internal energy market legislative framework. Its long-term goal is to create a regulatory and market framework in these […]

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