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Maria-Antoaneta Neag

Originally from Romania, Maria-Antoaneta Neag contributes from Brussels on various facets of EU-Balkan relations today. In preparing her articles, interviews and briefings, Maria gains direct access to the thoughts and policies of decision makers, diplomats, academic experts and NGO leaders.

In particular, this interaction and research regards EU dialogue with the Western Balkans and Turkey, international relations within the European Parliament, and specialized issues affecting the Balkans such as diplomatic relations, justice, ethnic affairs and migration policies.

Maria is currently working in the European public administration, after following developments in the area of civil liberties and home affairs within the European Parliament for the EPP Group, working on EU policy-making on issues such as migration, asylum and visas, data protection, PNR, anti-terrorism, EU internal security strategy. Her previous position was also in the European Parliament, and involved assisting Romania’s official EPP delegation by accommodating parliamentarians’ activities and events, conducting briefings and background analysis, as well as negotiating common positions with other political groups and national delegations.

Apart from her work in Brussels, Maria-Antoaneta Neag has considerable experience with diverse international educational and political organizations. She has served as panel chair for events held by the Robert Schuman Institute and participated in seminars and workshops on ethnicity, history, migration, economics, campaign management, corporate and political communication for international entities including the  Brown International Advanced Research Institutes, Oxford Department for Continuing Education, the Centre for Ethnicity and Culture (CVEK, Bratislava), the Ludwig von Mises Institute Europe, the International Republican Institute, the David Ogilvy Communication and Public Relations Department (National School of Political and Administrative Sciences, Bucharest) and the Professional Training Unit of the European Parliament’s in Brussels.

Maria has further contributed with articles (i.e. Romania’s Istorie si Civilizatie (History and Civilization) magazine and Romanian Journal of International Relations and European Studies (ROJIRES)) and encyclopaedia entries (i.e. under Oxford University Press, ABC Clio and other online platforms).

In addition to her native Romanian, Maria is a fluent speaker of English and Spanish, and has advanced knowledge of Italian and French. She holds a PhD in History (2014, thesis Representations of Romania in the European institutional setting) from the University of Bucharest, and holds an MA in History (2008) from the same university. She also holds a BA in Political Science from the National School of Political and Administrative Sciences, Bucharest (2004).

*Note: Maria shares her personal views, which are intended to be neutral and for research purposes. They do not necessarily reflect the official position of the European Parliament.

Status: Maria-Antoaneta Neag is currently available for speaking engagements and event participation.

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