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Lidija Jularic

Lidija Jularić is a cultural anthropologist hailing from Slovenia, with a longtime fascination for the varied cultures and customs of the Balkan peoples. Over the years she has written for on popular culture and traditions in Bosnia.

At present, Lidija is organizing a photo exhibition on immigrants from Bosnia-Herzegovina living in Slovenia, and has plans to publish a short guide to Sarajevo.

Lidija’s main focus of research is cultural interpretation in the Balkans. In conducting her research and writing, she explores everyday life and local traditions, as well as migration, particularly in relation to issues of social exclusion. Her work involves interpreting ethnographically collected material for the general public through travel writing, popular science articles and exhibitions.

In addition to writing for, Lidija has contributed to Revolve Magazine, Balkan Travellers, the Adria Airways in-flight magazine, the Slovenian newspaper Dnevnik, as well as to scientific and professional publications. For more information on Lidija’s present and upcoming research and projects, visit her personal website,

Lidija presents her work at international events. For example, she visited Puerto Rico to discuss the cultural heritage of Bosnia’s coffeehouses at a sustainable development conference organized by the US-based National Association for Interpretation, and presented a paper on derogatory terminology used to define immigrants from the former Yugoslavia in Slovenia at a conference organized by the Ethnology and Anthropology Student’s Club (KSEA) at the University of Belgrade.

Lidija’s other Balkan experience includes having interned at the Political Department at the Office of the High Representative in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where she conducted field research and wrote on the degree of cooperation between civic society, governmental institutions and the international community in the Tuzla and Zenica-Doboj Cantons. She has also done volunteer work at the Service Civil International, Antwerp, Belgium.

Along with her native Slovenian, Lidija is fluent in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and English, while also having basic Italian and French. Lidija holds an MA in Nationalism Studies from Central European University in Budapest (2008), and a BA in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ljubljana (2005).

Status: Lidija Jularić is currently available for speaking engagements and event participation.

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