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Ebi Spahiu

Ebi Spahiu is an independent analyst on Central Asian and Western Balkan Affairs, focusing on gender and religious extremism, currently based in Albania.

She has worked on a number of capacities for UN agencies, including UNICEF and UN Women in Kyrgyzstan, the OSCE Presence in Albania and other nonprofit organizations in the Western Balkans and Central Asia.

Her writing and reports have covered a wide range of issues including countering violent extremism, foreign fighters, human rights in both Central Asia and the Western Balkans and institutional corruption in Albania. Most of her pieces have appeared at Jamestown Foundation (Militant Leadership Monitor, Eurasia Daily Monitor), Centerpoint Now, CACI Analyst-Johns Hopkins University and The Stability Institute-CVE Journal.

Ebi is originally from Albania, but has lived and worked in China, the United States and Kyrgyzstan. Her most recent experience has been working for the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies where she joined as adjunct faculty member for the Program of Applied Security Studies, a resident program offered to over 100 security officials representing 52 different countries worldwide.

Ebi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies from Manhattanville College in New York and an MS in International Nonprofit Management and Human Rights from Milano School of Urban Policy, Management and International Affairs, also based in New York.

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