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Cristian Dimitrescu

Romania-born Cristian Dimitrescu is a contributor based in Brussels, where he conducts research and interviews that cast light on the issues affecting EU-Balkan relations.

Cristian is presently employed in the European Parliament and covers the policy area concerning relations with the National Parliaments. This position enables him access to the latest political and legislative insights from the national levels, together with a clear view on the main agendas to be discussed by representatives of EU institutions.

Cristian’s previous experience includes work for the public and non-governmental sectors. While employed in the former, he assumed roles in managing the international relations agenda, engaging with partner institutions from abroad, and interacting with members of diplomatic missions present in-country. In addition, his responsibilities have included drafting, implementing and monitoring foreign-assisted projects in the area of institutional capacity building, public sector reform, human resources and more.

Cristian has also been involved professionally with non-profits, and projects targeting the academic environment and efforts towards engaging and accommodating key stakeholders.

In addition to writing and researching for, Cristian has written several technical documents including a 2008 draft report for the Slovenian Presidency of the EU on evaluation of public administration programmes in Romania, and delivered presentations at conferences organized by entities like the University of Bucharest, the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj etc.

Along with his native Romanian, Cristian Dimitrescu is proficient in English and French. His ongoing PhD research in Economics/International Relations at the Romanian National Institute for Economic Research in Bucharest looks at the impact of foreign direct investments on the conduct of foreign affairs. He holds an MA in Political Communication from the National School of Political and Administrative Sciences in Bucharest (2008), and a BA in Political Science from the Department of Political Science at the University of Bucharest (2006). He has also participated in a number of trainings and workshops held through public administration bodies in Romania, as well as European institutes.

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