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Bilsana Bibic

Bilsana Bibic is originally from Montenegro but has studied and worked in the US, the UK, Costa Rica, Georgia and Ukraine. She is currently pursuing a double Master’s degree at the University of Glasgow and the Jagiellonian University in Russian, Central and East European Studies.

Bilsana Bibic-Balkanalysis Editors and ContributorsHer broad areas of interest include youth issues, ethnicity and EU integration, especially in relation to Central Europe and the Western Balkans. Bilsana contributes for on social and political issues in relation to Montenegro.

Bilsana has worked in the past with the Permanent Mission of Montenegro to the UN and with the Center for Monitoring and Research, a think tank in Podgorica. In these capacities, she gained valuable insight into the priorities of the government of Montenegro and had a chance to monitor government policies in the fields of education, youth and the fight against corruption.

In addition to this varied professional experience, Bilsana has extensive experience in project management and conflict resolution. She is fluent in Montenegrin and English, speaks excellent Spanish and intermediate French and Russian.

Status: Bilsana Bibic is currently available for speaking engagements and event participation.

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