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Antonio Scancariello

Antonio Scancariello is a Journalism and History graduate from Italy. He studied at the De Montfort University of Leicester in the United Kingdom, where he also received a Journalism (NCTJ accredited) MA.

Antonio Scancariello2 - Balkanalysis Editors and ContributorsHis undergraduate dissertation was centered on the “Historical Evolution of the Political-Religious Symbiosis in Bosnia-Herzegovina,” while his MA dissertation was entitled “Western Balkans in transition: state and role of mass media in the democratisation process.”

Antonio has written articles for regionally-focused media like BalkanInside, BalkanChronicle, and EastJournal. He speaks Italian and English, and has some knowledge of Serbian and Croatian.

Status: Antonio Scancariello is is currently available for speaking engagements and event participation.

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