Balkanalysis on Twitter Editors and Contributors contributors come from a unique range of backgrounds, including academics, journalists, international relations professionals and private-sector experts. The specialized experience, knowledge, skills and professional endeavors of our writers and researchers (many of whom come from the region) provide added benefits for readers and clients.

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To learn more about some of our current contributors, click on the following linked names- they redirect to the official author page of the contributor listed, and feature brief bios and lists of articles published on our website.

Anita McKinna (Kosovo, international peacekeeping)

Ante Raić (Croatia, Security Affairs)

Antonio Scancariello (Western Balkan transitional democracy, media influencers, and UK-Balkan relations)

Apostolis Karabairis (Greece, Bosnia)

Bilsana Bibic (Montenegro, education, policy and reforms issues)

Blerina Mecule (Albania, Balkan European integration, European Union issues, Italian and Vatican relations with the Balkans)

Çağrı Yıldırım (Turkish foreign policy, politics and elections, Turkey-EU relations, democratization processes and civil-military relations in Turkey)

Chris Deliso (Director,; Balkan Politics, Regional Security Issues, US Foreign Policy, Balkan History, Culture and Tourism)

Christian Filipov (Bulgaria, Financial Sector)

Cristian Dimitrescu (EU-Balkan relations, Romania)

Ebi Spahiu (Counter-terrorism, intelligence, gender issues and religious issues in the Balkans and Central Asia)

Elena Dragomir (Romania, Security Affairs)

Elisa Sguaitamatti (Security Affairs, Terrorism, International Relations, Intelligence, Sub-Saharan Africa and Iran)

Gergana Yordanova (Bulgaria, EU economic and financial policy and security issues, migration)

Ioannis Michaletos (Greece, Energy Sector, Security Affairs, Organized Crime and Finance and Investment)

Lana Pasic (Bosnia, Kosovo; civil society, new media, EU relations)

Lidija Jularic (Bosnia, Ethnology)

Maja Cvetkovic-Raić (Croatia)

Maja Šoštarić (Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and EU-Balkan relations)

Maria-Antoaneta Neag (EU-Balkan relations, Romania, Turkey)

Matteo Albertini (Italy-Balkan relations, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia; multi-national organized crime, corruption, intelligence and counter-intelligence)

Mehmet Efe Biresselioglu (Turkey, Energy Sector)

Mohammed Sanusi Adams (Turkish International Affairs, including diplomatic and business relations with African states and China)

Valeria Giannotta (Turkish Domestic and Foreign Policy, Middle East Issues, Italian Foreign Policy, European Integration)

Vlad Popovici (Energy Sector)

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