Capital Zagreb
Time Zone CET (GMT+1)
Country Code 385
Mobile Codes 91,92,95,98,99
ccTLD .hr
Currency Kuna (1EUR = 7.26HRK)
Land Area 56,594 sq km
Population 4.5 million
Language Croatian
Major Religion Roman Catholicism

Developments in the Croatian Catholic Church under Pope Francis

December 6, 2014 Editor’s note: the following article, which documents structural developments in the post-conflict Catholic Church in Croatia, compliments other 2014 pieces concerning Pope Francis’ visit to Albania, and his more recent trip to Turkey. Visit’s dedicated Vatican coverage page Buy The Vatican’s Challenges in the Balkans: Bolstering the Catholic Church in 2015 and Beyond […]

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The Croatian Tourism Industry and Outlook for 2013: Interview with Peter Fuchs

February 28, 2013 editor’s note: in the following interview by Director Chris Deliso with Peter Fuchs, CEO of Valamar Hotels and Resorts Croatia, readers are treated to an inside view of Croatian tourism from an industry leader in charge of Croatia’s biggest hospitality provider. In the interview, Mr Fuchs discusses everything from his company’s holdings and […]

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