Capital Sofia
Time Zone EET (GMT+2)
Country Code 359
Mobile Codes 91,92,95,98,99
ccTLD .bg
Currency Lev (1EUR = 1.95BGN)
Land Area 110,993 sq km
Population 7.5 million
Language Bulgarian
Major Religions Orthodox Christianity, Islam

Key Data

Notable Public Figures

Rosen Plevneliev, President

Boyko Borissov, Prime Minister

Rumiana Bachvarova, Interior Minister

Vladislav Goranov, Finance Minister

Nikolay Nenchev, Defense Minister

Daniel Mitov, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Brands & Distinctions

rose petal oil,

Major Industries

Electricity production and other energy transit; agriculture and food processing; chemicals and metals; tourism

Key Trade Partners

Germany, Greece, Romania, Russia, Italy, Turkey

Main Airports

Sofia, Varna, Burgas