Balkanalysis on Twitter Briefing with Galip Dalay of the SETA Foundation, November 2012

Prishtina, Kosovo– On November 10, 2012, Director Chris Deliso conducted a briefing with Galip Dalay of Turkey’s SETA Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research. The briefing was held on the sidelines of the 2nd Germia Hill Conference organized by the European Council on Foreign Relations and the Foreign Ministry of Kosovo.

During the briefing, Mr Dalay gave an overview of SETA’s general operations, some of its recent successes and future plans. He discussed in detail a particular one-year project, the findings of which are to be published in book form this December.

This project, a comparative analysis of the dynamics of dominant-party politics in different contexts, assesses nine countries (as diverse as Italy, Malaysia and Mexico). The SETA project questioned why certain parties emerge as dominant in certain periods, what kind of political, economic and social tools they use to maintain power, how dominant-party politics tend to be reflected in society and economics, and finally, what accounts for their failure when such parties do eventually fall from power.

Mr Dalay also provided briefing information on SETA’s increasing focus on outreach to the Arab world, as manifested by the developments with its peer-reviewed quarterly journal, Insight Turkey. During the last year, this English-language magazine has been complemented by a sister magazine, Rouya Turkiyyah, published in Arabic. The latter can now be found in bookshops in 22 Arab countries. Most impressively, 60% of the content is unique to that edition, whereas 40% is carried over from the original version.

Stating that the edition seems to be a success so far, Mr Dalay added that good feedback was received at an annual meeting for the publication, held in Tunisia this October. The event brought together leading Tunisian politicians and around 20 Turkish journalists, academics and experts.

Finally, on a separate but related issue Mr Dalay discussed the coming October 2013 second instalment of the Istanbul World Forum. The first such event, in October 2012, brought together politicians, academics, experts and media from 45 countries. The event was opened by the Turkish prime minister and included contributions from leaders from the US, UK, Arab countries, South Africa, Australia and more. The 2013 event should continue to focus on discussing global issues that arise during the course of what is certain to be a dynamic year full of challenges on the global and regional economic, political and security fronts.

Galip Dalay conducts research at SETA on contemporary political, social and economic issues in Turkey, with a focus on the Kurdish issue and the party politics of the ruling AKP and pro-Kurdish BDP parties. He is also a member of the Istanbul World Forum organizing committee, and the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Ankara branch of TÜMSİAD, Turkey’s major association of industrialists and businessmen. Mr Dalay holds a BA in Business Administration from Istanbul University and an MSc in European Studies from the London School of Economics. He is currently pursuing a PhD in international relations at Ankara’s Middle East Technical University.

The SETA Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (in Turkish, Siyaset Ekonomi Ve Toplum Araştırmaları Vakfı) is a non-profit research institute dedicated to innovative studies on national, regional, and international issues. The objective of SETA is to produce up-to-date and accurate knowledge and analyses in the fields of politics, economy and society and inform policy makers and the public on changing political, economic, social and cultural conditions. SETA evaluates national and international issues in an historical and cultural context.

Headquartered in Ankara, with offices in Washington, DC and Cairo, Egypt SETA conducts research projects on current political, economic and social issues with a view towards providing policy recommendations. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, SETA takes into account the growing interdependence of political, economic and socio-cultural issues at the national, regional and international levels and seeks to generate knowledge conducive to a social vision based on peace, justice, equality, and the rule of law. is an American research and analysis firm that provides dedicated coverage of the Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean regions, in areas ranging from politics and security to economics and culture. It draws on the expertise of its broad network of field analysts and reporters representing a number of various countries and professional backgrounds.

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