Balkanalysis on Twitter Briefing with Dan Iulian Mărgărit, Director of Cetatea de Scaun Publishing House, July 2011

Târgovişte, Romania— On July 13, 2011 contributor Elena Dragomir conducted a briefing with Dan Iulian Mărgărit, Director of the Romanian publishing house, Cetatea de Scaun. In the briefing, Mr Mărgărit provided further information about some of the company’s forthcoming titles, and also discussed Cetatea de Scaun’s traditional role as a partner of different international events such as conferences plus art and history exhibitions, both organized in Romania or abroad.

Of particular interest was the information provided on forthcoming titles in the field of Balkan history. These include Nicolae Ciachir’s Istoria Popoarelor din sud-estul Europei (History of Southeastern European Peoples); Relatii româno-sârbe (1876-1918 (Romanian-Serbian Relations, 1876-1918) by Bogdan Catană, and Prietenul de la Belgrad. Ceauşescu-Tito (The Friend from Belgrade. Ceausescu-Tito), by Cezar Stanciu.

Mr Mărgărit also gave special mention to other new publications on fascinating earlier periods, such as Alexandru Madgearu’s Organizarea militară bizantină la Dunărea de Jos în secolele X-XII (The Byzantine Military Organization of the Lower Danube Region, 10th-12th Centuries), and Eugen Denize’s Românii între leu şi semilună. Relaţii turco-veneţiene şi influenţa lor asupra spaţiului românesc, secolele XV-XVI (Ottoman-Venetian Relations and their Influence on the Romanian Regions in the 15th-16th Centuries), as well as Introducere in cultura bizantină (Introduction to Byzantine Culture) by Maria Georgescu.

Further, Cetatea de Scaun is also making available in the Romanian language more international titles on the subject including Apariţia slavilor. Istorie si arheologie la Dunărea de Jos în veacurile VI-VII, by Florin Curta (the new Romanian translation of The Making of the Slavs: History and Archaeology of the Lower Danube Regions, c. 500-700, originally published by Cambridge University Press).

Concluding the briefing, Mr Mărgărit noted that Cetatea de Scaun is actively engaged in developing collaborative projects, and is currently accepting proposals in all the areas it publishes, and that they can be directed to him through the website’s editorial contact.

Cetatea de Scaun is a leading Romanian publishing House, founded in 2002, in Târgovişte. It aims to promote knowledge through the publication of valuable academic and non-academic works. Focusing especially on fields such as history, archaeology and geography, Cetatea de Scaun is interested in publishing proceedings of promising or established conferences, academic edited volumes, research monographs, as well as works from areas such as arts, poetry, novels, sociology, theology, horticulture and more.

Licensed by the Romanian National Council for Scientific Research, Cetatea de Scaun Publishing House was in December 2010 awarded the ‘Pro Historia’ prize for its outstanding activity in the field of history publications.

Cetatea de Scaun Publishing House has an active policy of seeking and commissioning works in areas in which it has a publishing interest, but also invites and considers unsolicited manuscripts.  One major objective of Cetatea de Scaun Publishing House is to encourage the work of young scholars from Romania and the Balkan region, and to promote their work in Romania and in the Balkans in general.

In addition, Cetatea de Scaun publishes in English a number of scientific journals including the Valahian Journal of Historical Studies (available also through the Central and Eastern European Online Library) and The Romanian Review for Baltic and Nordic Studies ( again available on the Central and Eastern European Online Library website). is an American research and analysis firm that provides dedicated coverage of the Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean regions, in areas ranging from politics and security to economics and culture. It draws on the expertise of its broad network of field analysts and reporters representing a number of various countries and professional backgrounds.

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