Balkanalysis on Twitter Briefing with Andrijana Savic, Architect and Owner of Edna Design Studio, December 2011

Skopje, Macedonia – On December 5, 2011, Director Chris Deliso conducted a briefing with Andrijana Savic, a Skopje-born architect and founder of Edna Design Studio, an innovative young architectural studio active in designing commercial and residential properties, as well as touristic and other structures, at Edna’s premises in Skopje.

In the briefing, Ms Savic, who holds an MSc in Earthquake Engineering from SS Cyril & Methodius University in Skopje, presented schematics and visuals of design projects successfully achieved by her team of young architects since 2009. She discussed her personal philosophy as an architect and driving principles, while giving a full presentation of Edna’s team, working methods, technology and projects. In doing so, the architect recounted their main activities during the three years since she decided to found the studio, noting achievements and projects accomplished since.

Notably, in 2010 Ms Savic’s design for a ‘Macedonian Pavilion’ was selected in a nationwide contest as the country’s official representative at the prestigious annual architectural Expo in Shanghai, China. Taking inspiration from a bee’s nest, the architect’s design employed hexagonal structures and represented an artistic attempt to overcome the duality of the urban and the natural worlds in modern city construction.

While acknowledging the renewed world attention that Skopje architecture has received due to the government’s current public works campaign, Ms Savic noted that other relevant issues have remained obscured. For example, architects are still hampered by a lack of agreed minimum compensation levels on intellectual property, which has contributed to instability in the architectural design industry. The cumulative result is a low perception of the real value of design. However, she also noted that public tastes are changing as individuals and businesses in Macedonia have started to realize that distinctive and aesthetically harmonious architectural design is an asset.

Edna Design Studio is a Macedonian architectural design company founded in Skopje, Macedonia in March 2009. Edna has won several awards since then for its designs, and realized projects including urban squares, tourist village structures, hotels, administrative and public buildings and residential complexes. Edna also has a special cooperation with local construction partner SOLID Group. is an American research and analysis firm that provides dedicated coverage of the Balkan and Eastern Mediterranean regions, in areas ranging from politics and security to economics and culture. It draws on the expertise of its broad network of field analysts and reporters representing a number of various countries and professional backgrounds.

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