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Balkanalysis Briefings are essentially concise summaries of meetings and deep-background interviews conducted between representatives and outside parties of interest, from governmental and institutional bodies to NGOs and firms. These parties are exclusively professionals who are visibly involved with the Balkan/Mediterranean regions.

Conducting Balkanalysis Briefings helps us to acquire unique insights, data and information about events, trends and other factors affecting the region’s present realities and future challenges and opportunities. This in turn enhances the quality of our analytical and prognostic research, and thus to better serve our readers and clients. And, of course, the participant parties themselves also benefit from the opportunity to make their products, services and goals better known to persons and groups actively involved with the region.

Note: representatives of institutions, companies or other entities wishing to arrange a complementary briefing with our correspondents and researchers around the world should contact us to arrange.

List of All Balkanalysis Briefings By Date

March 2013 Briefing on Education Without Borders Conference, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE Briefing with Dejan Dejanov, President of the Macedonian-Israeli Business Club

November 2012 Briefing with Galip Dalay of the SETA Foundation

July 2012 Briefing with the International Summer School on Religion and Public Life, Yogyakarta and Bali, Indonesia

June 2012 Briefing on the Europlus’ Enlargement Debate, Brussels, Belgium

March 2012 Briefing on the EP Debate on Macedonia’s Enlargement Report, Strasbourg, France Briefing on the EP Debate on Bosnia’s Enlargement Report, Strasbourg, France

February 2012 Briefing with Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki

January 2012 Briefing with Dr. Oğuz Borat, Acting Director and Member of the Management Board of Turkey’s Vocational Qualification Authority (VQA)

December 2011 Briefing with Andrijana Savic, Architect and Owner of Edna Design Studio, Skopje, Macedonia Briefing with Ljubica Ruben,  Owner and Managing Partner of Mens Legis Law Firm, Skopje, Macedonia

November 2011 Briefing with Dilek Istar Ates, Project Manager and Researcher, Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD), Brussels Briefing with Vlado Azinović, Secretary General of the Atlantic Initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina

October 2011 Briefing with Chryssa Maltezou, Director of the Hellenic Institute for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies, Venice

September 2011 Briefing with Egemen Bağış, Turkish Minister for EU Affairs

August 2011 Briefing with Dr Afrim Osmani of FON University, Skopje, Macedonia Briefing with Dr Michal Vašečka, Director of  the Center for the Research of Ethnicity and Culture (CVEK), Bratislava, Slovakia Briefing with Eglantina Zyka, Lecturer in Statistics at the University of Tirana,Bratislava, Slovakia

July 2011 Briefing with Dan Iulian Mărgărit, Director of Cetatea de Scaun Publishing House, Târgovişte, Romania Briefing with Dr Lucian Boia, Bucharest, Romania

June 2011 Briefing with Iassen Trendafilov, FPI Hotels and Resorts Bulgaria, Sofia Briefing with Josephine Liebl of the European Peacebuilding Liaison Office, Brussels, Belgium Briefing with Sabina Wölkner, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) in Bosnia and Herzegovina Briefing with Ioannis Papakonstantinou, Vice-President of HELEXPO, Thessaloniki, Greece

May 2011 Briefing with Marianna Mominova, Avala Resort and Villas, Budva, Montenegro Briefing with the Populari Centre for Socio-Economic Studies, Sarajevo, Bosnia Briefing with Daniel Todorovski of the Macedonian Red Cross, Skopje, Macedonia

April 2011 Briefing with Dr Silviu Miloiu of the Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies, Târgovişte, Romania Briefing with Antonis Skotiniotis, Andreas Papandreou Institute of Strategic and Development Studies- ISTAME, Athens, Greece Briefing with Danka Uzunova, Macedonian Ecological Society Project Coordinator, and Jovan Andrevski, Balkan Vulture Action Plan Coordinator, Skopje, Macedonia

March 2011 Briefing with Edon Cana, Ministry of European Integration of Kosovo, Prishtina, Kosovo Briefing with Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa, Albania Briefing with Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia and Turkey, Skopje, Macedonia Briefing with Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Skopje, Macedonia



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