Capital Sarajevo
Time Zone CET (GMT+1)
Country Code 387
Mobile Codes 61,62,63
ccTLD .ba
Currency Bosnian Convertible Mark (1EUR = 1,96 BAM)
Land Area 51,129 sq km
Population 4 million
Language Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
Major Religion Islam, Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity

The 2016 Local Elections in Bosnia: a Win for the Major Ethno-nationalist Parties

October 4, 2016 editor’s note: for deeper insight from this author on political and social change in modern Bosnia, see her e-book, 20 Years after Dayton: Where Is Bosnia and Herzegovina today? By Lana Pasic On October 2, 2016, the seventh local elections were held in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although 3,263,906 citizens had a right to vote, […]

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Insights into the Hague Tribunal and Trends in International Justice: Interview with Sir Geoffrey Nice

April 14, 2013

In this interview with Sir Geoffrey Nice, QC, a former chief prosecutor of Slobodan Milosevic at the ICTY, Bosnia correspondent Lana Pasic explores the ways in which international tribunals contribute to the establishment of common truth and reconciliation in the Balkans- and what the future of the tribunal and international justice holds for other […]

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