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Skopje Adds Summer Air Routes to More European Cities

March 24, 2004


( Research Service)- Tourists wishing to visit soon-to-be sunny Macedonia are in luck. According to Vest, Macedonia’s civil aviation authorities have approved a new- and improved- schedule for airlines servicing Skopje this summer.

This is handy information for European visitors to Macedonia, as well as for tourists from more distant locales who must connect through other European cities, as Skopje still has no direct service to Canada, Australia or the United States.

The number of flights per week for the airlines mentioned follows below.

MAT, or Macedonian Airlines to: Vienna (3); Amsterdam (2); Rome (4); Dьsseldorf (3); Belgrade (7), Zurich (8), Berlin-Hamburg (2) and Getheborg-Kopenhagen (2)

Austrian Airlines to: Vienna (7)

Adria Airways to: Ljubljana from Skopje Airport (7) and from Ohrid Airport to Ljubljana (3). [Editors’ note]: Air officials in Ohrid informed us yesterday that the airport will be closed until July 6 for repairs.

Croatian Airlines to: Zagreb (4)

Hungary’s Malev Airlines to: Budapest (7)

Turkish Airlines to: Istanbul (3)

JAT, Yugoslav Airlines, to: Belgrade (7)

SAS Scandinavian Airlines to Copehagen (1)

Bulgaria’s Hemus Air to: Sofia (1)

In addition, one new fixture on the Macedonian air traffic scene, major Greek company Aegean Air, has announced it is canceling its Athens-Skopje route for the summer because it must concentrate on the domestic Olympic market.

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