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All Useful Balkan Links- by Country and Transnationally

This page contains an alphabetical list of useful links for each country covered on the website. The link sections are identical to those presented on the individual country pages.

However, we have additionally inserted here (at the end) a special section called Multinational Balkan Links, which is not available elsewhere on the website. It consists of useful links to organizations and entities concerned with the Balkans, but not based there directly.

Note: provides links to the following official websites as a public service. These listings do not imply any endorsement of the specific websites or their content. does not take responsibility for any user interaction with external websites. Readers should feel free to report any broken or expired links, or content-related issues, to and we will review the relevant listing.


Albania Government Ministries

Albania Government Agencies

Albania Regional/Municipal Governing Bodies

Albania Major Political Parties

Albania Domestic NGOs

Albania Local Media

Albania International Organizations



Bosnia Government Ministries

Bosnia Government Agencies

Bosnia Regional/Municipal Governing Bodies

Bosnia Major Political Parties

Bosnia Domestic NGOs

Bosnia Local Media

Bosnia International Organizations



Bulgaria Government Ministries

Bulgaria Government Agencies

Bulgaria Regional/Municipal  Governing Bodies

Bulgaria Major Political Parties

Bulgaria Domestic NGOs

Bulgaria Local Media

Bulgaria Internatioanl Organizationrnment s


Croatia Government Ministries

Croatia Government Agencies

Croatia Regional/Municipal Governing Bodies

Croatia Major Political Parties

Croatia Domestic NGOs

Croatia Local Media

Croatia International Organizations


Greece Government Ministries

Greece Government Agencies

Greece Regional/Municipal Governing Bodies

Greece Major Political Parties

Greece Domestic NGOs

Greece Local Media

Greece International Organizations


Kosovo Government Ministries

Kosovo Government Agencies

Kosovo Regional/Municipal Governing Bodies

Kosovo Major Political Parties

Kosovo Domestic NGOs

Kosovo Local Media

Kosovo International Organizations


Macedonia Government Ministries

Macedonia Government Agencies

Macedonia Regioanal/Municipal Governing Bodies

Macedonia Major Political Parties

Macedonia Domestic NGOs

Macedonia Local Media

Macedonia International Organizations


Montenegro Government Ministries

Montenegro Government Agencies

Montenegro Regional/Municipal Governing Bodies

Montenegro Major Political Parties

Montenegro Domestic NGOs

Montenegro Local Media

Montenegro International Organizations


Romania Government Ministries

Romania Government Agencies

Romania Regional/Municipal Governing Bodies

Romania Major Political Parties

Romania Domestic NGOs

Romania Local Media

Romania International Organizations


Serbia Government Ministries

Serbia Government Agencies

Serbia Regional/Municipal Bodies

Serbia Major Political Paties

Serbia Domestic NGOs

Serbia Local Media

Serbia International Organizations


Turkey Government Ministries

Turkey Government Agencies

Turkey Regional/Municipal Governing Bodies

Turkey Major Political Parties

Turkey Domestic NGOs

Turkey Local Media

Turkey International Organizations

Multinational Balkan Links

Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh)

Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry- ASCAME (Barcelona)

Balkan Studies Program (University of Copenhagen)

Bulgarian Studies Association (Boston)

Central European Initiative (Budapest)

Erste Foundation (Vienna)

Gallup Balkan Monitor (Brussels)

George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies (Garmisch-Partenkirchen)

Harriman Institute, Columbia University (New York)

Institut Europeu de la Mediterranea/ IE-Med (Barcelona)

International Council for Central and East European Studies/ ICCEES (Munster)

International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies/ IFIMES (Ljubljana)

ISN ETH- International Security Network (Zurich)

Kokkalis Program on Southeastern and East-Central Europe, Harvard Kennedy School (Boston)

LSE Research on South East Europe/ LSEE, London School of Economics (London)

Portal on Central Eastern and Balkan Europe/ PECOB (Faenza, Italy)

Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans/ RRPP (Fribourg)

Russian and East European Institute/ REEI, Indiana University (Bloomington)

Southeast Europe Association/ Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft/ SOG (Berlin)

Southeast European Cooperative Initiative/ SECI (Vienna)

Southeast European Legal Development Initiative/ SELDI (Rome)

Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe (Brussels)

UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies/ SSEES (London)

Western Balkan Countries INCO-NET at the Centre for Social Innovation (Vienna)

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Southeast Europe Project (Washington)

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