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With a constantly updated archive of around 600 articles, provides a wealth of free content for readers. However, there’s more…

Much of this available content – but also several hundred otherwise unavailable articles covering the murky worlds of Balkan politics, intelligence, society and economy – can be found under the Balkanalysis entry on the Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL) website. (Click under ‘Periodicals’ then choose ‘Macedonia’ and finally ‘’).

Please note that since many new articles have recently been uploaded from earlier years, the descriptions of specific issues/months may not reflect the entire content of that issue- so it’s always good to take a closer look.

Established in Frankfurt, Germany by the firm QUESTA.Soft GmbH in 2001, the CEEOL is an enormous repository of over 100,00 articles, created from almost 600 specialist publications covering the Central and Eastern European sphere.

CEEOL’s varied subscriber base ranges from professionals engaged with the region to universities and other institutions. Subscribers have total access to all material from all publishers in the database. If you aren’t sure whether your institution already has access to the CEEOL database, click on the registered Subscribers page here.

For those who wish to access’s “hidden archives,” and who do not already have a subscription, considering subscribing personally or suggest it to your home institution, by clicking on the Subscription Information page here.


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