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About Us is one of the leading independent news and analysis groups covering the Balkans today. With a forward-thinking approach that focuses on assessing local situations and trends within a larger regional or global context, we attempt to isolate and define the greater significance of today’s events and trends, and how they will impact on future developments and decision-making in the region and globally.

What We Publish produces regular free articles, interviews and briefings, as well as special reports for private clients. (Read about our specific Overview of Services here). To find specific coverage by country, click on the relevant country name (as displayed across the top center of the home page).

The following provides an introduction to who we are, who reads us, the philosophy that guides our approach to researching and writing, and what factors differentiate us from other media groups.

Who We Are

Online since 2003, utilizes the expertise and skills of a dynamic team of over 30 writers and researchers, based both within the target area and in other parts of the world, giving the organization a truly global reach. More information about some of our correspondents is on the Editors and Contributors page.

This highly educated, talented and well-trained team is comprised of an intriguing mix of people- from journalists, academic and non-governmental experts to private-sector professionals and consultants to business and government. (Persons wishing to be considered for writing or researching for should read the Information for Potential Partners and Contributors page).

Who Reads Us enjoys a richly-varied audience that includes diplomats, foreign affairs ministries, military, security and intelligence services of various states, NGO types and academics, foreign investors and others in the business and finance worlds, local and international media bodies, members of diaspora communities, and more.

These readers value the accuracy and insight of our work- qualities which enhance their decision-making processes and information-gathering capabilities. Consistent feedback that has trickled back over the years indicates that our work is read closely by policy planners in various countries. Sometimes our findings are factored in as a corrective measure when assessing a situation on the ground, or even when formulating policies in the long-term. In a capacity secondary to publishing, we also ‘arrange stuff.’

As such, the website is not a large-scale news provider, and does not aspire to become one. Rather, we attract a specialist audience of individuals and groups intimately involved with the greater Balkan/Eastern Mediterranean region. However, at the same time we retain a global reach and access to information in ways for which other comparable media groups are simply not geared up for.

Our Philosophy

At, our approach to research and publishing involves seeking out new and interdisciplinary approaches that result in a greater depth of insight regarding local situations. We also make it a priority to investigate completely unknown stories, to create new lines of inquiry, to undertake data-driven research and to conduct unique interviews and briefings– all ensuring that what we publish is accurate, objective and available nowhere else. (Please see our Balkanalysis Interviews and Balkanalysis Briefings pages for lists of these unique primary-source documents).

Thus, for, uniqueness plays a key role in creating informational value, and is a crucial part of our approach.

We value greatly the input and contributions of professional scholars, while at the same time being aware that the fast-paced modern media requires texts that are succinct, direct and lean. Thus we can combine the ‘best of both worlds,’ as a sort of synthesis of traditional journalism and academia.

What Makes Us Different?

Being completely independent, non-partisan and self-supporting is more than enough to distinguish from every other provider of news on the region (at least in English). We are therefore not subject to pressure from any ‘side,’ and are never in a rush to ‘produce;’ with no deadlines, and generally nothing that can force work to be published before it has been carefully prepared, we take a strategic approach to research. This means that weeks – or even months – may go by while preparing a single story, or even hunting down a single piece of crucial confirmation intel. While this deep background research is something readers never see, a consistent system of situational awareness means that it is going on all the time.

Further, we have always enjoyed the unique strength of having on-the-ground local experts – guaranteeing the presence of the right people in the right place at the right time – who come from richly varied backgrounds. A lot of the major corporate media outlets work with shipped-in correspondents based in one country, who may then also cover another- and have no deep understanding of either. Other outlets simply ‘parachute’ people in, when something goes wrong, usually missing the crucial context and deep background knowledge necessary for serious analysis and informed writing. On the other hand, with its longtime reliance on local expertise has acquired a deep institutional memory that continues to distinguish us from every comparable media group.

Finally, another key aspect of the way is that we publish objective research, and no op-ed pieces. Most online media today, hungry for reader comments and page views,  publish the kinds of articles aimed to stir up emotions in a historically emotive and divided region. On, however, you will find no comments sections and no op-eds. We are instead geared up to serving those readers who are seeking actionable intelligence. This policy also means that, unlike other media in the individual regional countries, we are able to interface will almost anyone as the situation requires.

Other Details

The archive contains over 700 items; hundreds of other articles are available only in our pages on the Central and Eastern European Online Library website, which is open to individual and institutional subscribers. More information is available here. We also have a small but growing selection of e-books available via Amazon Kindle- more information is available on our Amazon Kindle listings page.

Finally, there is an official Twitter feed, which keeps readers up-to-date on news about the website, our publications and events, as well as breaking news about the region.

Important Note: The only official name of the website is and not “Balkan Analysis” nor “” We do not own the latter domain name. Thus any attempt to contact us on any address having that extension will not be received by us.

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