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About Us is the leading independent news/analysis entity covering SE Europe, active since 2003. We are oriented towards future outcomes, focusing on situational and trend assessments. These assessments are carefully considered within the relevant regional or global context, and often benefit from our deep institutional memory and rich network of contacts from around the world.

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What Does Publish?

Our analyses isolate the real, but often overlooked or misreported significance of specific current events and trends for the region and sometimes, the world. We also increasingly focus on global issues connecting the region with the wider world. publications include articles, interviews and briefings, which can be read freely, e-books and archived articles that can be purchased, and finally, special reports for private clients. (Learn more about our Overview of Services here.

Who Writes for the Website?

Some really kind and good-hearted people. Since launching in 2003, the website has benefited from the expertise and skills of around 50 writers, researchers and consultants, based both regionally and further abroad; the organization thus has a truly global reach and is capable of achieving a result far beyond Europe. Learn more about some of our people at the Editors and Contributors page.

Persons involved with the website tend to be both highly educated and experienced in real-world activities. They also come from an intriguing blend of backgrounds: from journalists, academic and non-governmental experts to private-sector professionals and consultants to business, government, and risk and security bodies.

If this kind of activity sounds interesting to you or someone you may know, please read the Information for Potential Partners and Contributors page).

Who Reads

Persons with a professional interest in, or at very least a strong curiosity about local happenings. These include:

  • Diplomats, foreign affairs ministries, military, security and intelligence services of various states;
  • Representatives of international institutions, NGO personnel and academics;
  • Foreign investors and others in the business and finance worlds;
  • Local and international journalists, members of diaspora communities, and more.

These readers value our research’s accurate insights, which often inform their decision-making processes and information-gathering capabilities. Some readers view our work as a corrective measure, in comparison to flawed situational assessments disseminated by other parties for their own reasons. Our work has even affected tactical or strategic policy planning in some cases. We also ‘arrange stuff.’

What Makes Balkanalysis Different?

The website is independent, objective and self-sustaining. It is thus not susceptible to any external forms of pressure or influence.

Savvy readers will already know that most international media bodies devoted to the region were created and subsidized by various states and organizations eager to influence the region’s fate, from the early 1990s until today. Such media bodies thus live and die according to the interests and fortunes of their backers.

On the other hand, the independent, objective and self-sustaining nature of the website means that it cannot be influenced, pressured or otherwise interfered with by outside parties. This allows us to take a strategic and patient approach to research and publication.

We thus do not publish op-ed or distasteful advocacy pieces. Most media today, hungry for reader comments and page views,  publish articles aimed to execute an agenda or stir up emotions in a historically emotive and divided region.

Other Details

The archive contains over 800 articles; hundreds more are available exclusively on the Central and Eastern European Online Library website (access listing under Periodicals – Macedonia). More information is available here. We also sell ebooks (see the Amazon Kindle listings page).

Finally, there is an official Twitter feed, which keeps readers up-to-date on news about the website, our publications and events, as well as breaking news about the region.

Important Note: The only official name of the website is and not “Balkan Analysis” nor “” We do not own the latter domain name. Thus any attempt to contact us on any address having that extension will not be received by us.

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