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Italy Targets Kosovo-linked ISIS Network- But Laws Lag behind the Online Jihad Era

November 23, 2015

By Chris Deliso and Matteo Albertini The sustained and ongoing anti-terrorist operations by police across Europe before and after the ISIS Paris attacks are indicative of just how well established and dangerous Islamist radical networks on the continent have become. The new state of the war on terror must be appreciated- as must the fact […]

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The Renewal of Greek-Iranian Economic Relations: Interview with Patroklos Koudounis

October 28, 2015 editor’s note: while the French Intelligence Online recently reported that Britain has “leapt ahead of other Western countries” in the race for business opportunities in post-sanctions Iran, other European nations are also stepping forward and forging new partnerships. A leader among them is Greece. Following our recent analysis on prospective developments in post-sanctions Greek-Iranian […]

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