The Greek Economy, Privatizations and Foreign Investment: an Update

April 17, 2014

By Ioannis Michaletos The Greek economy nowadays appears to indicate a distinct “Janus-type” future. On the one hand, the rising unemployment index of 27% (a figure even higher regarding youth unemployment, at 57%), as well as an approximate 23% drop in GDP since 2009 appear to show a negative trend at work. This is amplified […]

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Macedonia’s EU Accession and Reform Goals: Interview with Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Besimi

July 2, 2013 editor’s note: after four consecutive postponements of accession negotiations, and after being having realized progress in the key areas required for opening negotiations, Macedonia looked forward to the June European Council, when a decision was expected on granting the country a date to start talks. The European Commission’s Spring Report endorsed its October 2012 […]

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